Darrell Gadberry has been in the water/wastewater industry for over 38 years with the past 25 years dedicated to wastewater collection systems. He has practical hands on experience in every aspect associated with sanitary sewer condition assessment and asset management. Having worked with several of the top engineering firms conducting Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Studies (SSES) across[…]

EPA Data Management Paper

The EPA’s “Innovative Internal Camera Inspection and Data Management for Effective Condition Assessment of Collection Systems” highlights the program developed at Fort Worth, Texas (referred to as FTWWD here). SPICAP evolved from the system Darrell Gadberry developed while working at FTWWD. This paper provides an overview on several standards used throughout the USA. Read study here.[…]

GIS & Technology Success

Gadberry’s implementation of various technical apps into Fort Worth’s business process saved the City hundreds of thousands. In the late 90’s, FTWWD implemented Cdlab’s WinCan software from Switzerland, now sold by Pipeline Analytics.  In 2003, the City of Fort Worth upgraded to ITpipes software. In 2015, with connectivity available in the CCTV systems, automated syncing was setup from[…]