June 13, 2016

SPICAP – Customized

SPICAP – Customized

Customized Sewer Manual – Features and Benefits

When you purchase SPICAP – Customized, you receive a manual with an SOP for camera inspection instruction and a catalog of detail on asset fields, inspection fields, and recommended observation codes. This PDF is defaulted with common industry standards and yet able to be customized.  It has your agency’s branded information, including name, logo and contact details.* As this version can be modified, via online forms, you can add SOP details, asset fields, inspection fields, observation codes, severity ranking, input your own information. If the SPICAP codes meets your needs closely, but you have needs specific to your agency, this manual gives you a foundation that can be customized to use the “your agency’s SPICAP codes” for performing consistent, reproducible inspections in the field! Here we’ve highlighted a few benefits:

  • To distribute to engineering firms, project consultants and planners, internal staff, and others to clarify not only a list of codes to be used, but a sample set of pictures related to each code. This stops any guesswork on the code to be used and unlike other systems, eliminates any subjectivity! 
  • To easily determine, using images not just text, what filters and query’s need setup for planning structural pipe rehab or repairs and other maintenance activities.
  • To fully train users on visual recognition of observation defect descriptions.  This includes a PDF catalog with each observation code paired to sample pictures, so visual recognition is instant. This can be used for in-house training, consultant training, or other agencies working with you on pipe inspection coding.
  • To train beginning or advanced users on a standard SOP with details for basic CCTV/field inspection processes, such as capturing a 360 view of the manhole during CCTV inspection, how to track unmapped/new assets found, managing reverse inspections and other important field operations procedures.
  • A detailed document that confirms and proves your agency standard in use for any compliance with state, federal, or EPA regulations or agreements.
  • This also includes the full product SPICAP – Codes.

The SPICAP manual is designed to accommodate new and experienced operators, basic use of CCTV software, procedures and methodology. This manual provides examples of an advanced inspection program, within the inspection software, that can facilitate an Asset Management Program, Condition Assessment Program, comprehensive CCTV inspection program, advanced Multi-Sensor Inspections (MSI), and incorporate hydraulic modeling data. SPICAP can be used by contractors and program management by consultants or for internal use.

Sewer Manual – Details

SPICAP – Customized includes all features in the SPICAP – Codes  and the following:

  • Branded read-only PDF document that has either “SPICAP” branding or “YOUR AGENCY NAME” watermarked on each page. This is allowed unlimited distribution to people working or for your agency.  It can be edited or modified by adding or removing parts of the document. The SPICAP System – Editable can be saved as PDF from our online portal and distributed as a PDF document.
  • Recommended standard asset header fields to be collected during an inspection. This includes fields such as manhole numbers, pipe id, sub-area/drainage, pipe material, pipe length and more.  A screenshot depicts each data field with a description that defines the input to the data field.
  • Recommended standard inspection header fields to be collected during an inspection.  This includes fields such as date of inspection, inspector name, work order number, work order status, inspected length, necessary repairs, necessary maintenance and more.
  • Detail on each SPICAP Code, showing a screenshot for data entry of the code, the detailed description of the code, detail on severity rating, and up to 6 associated pictures for each code and severity rating.

Samples of the SPICAP Manual

[su_spoiler title=”Asset/Inspection Fields” open=”yes” style=”fancy”][gview file=”https://spicap.us/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/sewer-manual-sample-asset-inspection-fields.pdf”][/su_spoiler]

For more samples, click here.

SPICAP can also be purchased “as-is” with no customization.  For more information, check out SPICAP -PDF.

If you have further questions about the SPICAP – PDF, use Contact Us to submit your information and we’ll call you to provide further details.

*The SPICAP manual is branded for your agency or company and that branding can not be altered. The SPICAP manual can only be distributed as a PDF.