darrell gadberry

Darrell Gadberry has been in the water/wastewater industry for over 38 years with the past 25 years dedicated to wastewater collection systems. He has practical hands on experience in every aspect associated with sanitary sewer condition assessment and asset management.

Having worked with several of the top engineering firms conducting Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Studies (SSES) across the United States, his experience is invaluable. From the very beginning he developed an intense appreciation for the wastewater industry and those who work in it.

Darrell has personally performed over 50,000 manhole inspections and walked and inspected over 19 million lf of pipe. When it comes to wastewater system experience he is well versed in manhole inspection, smoke testing, dyed water testing, force mains, wet wells, flow monitoring, condition assessment and asset management.

In 1999, the Fort Worth Water Department (FWWD) was in the last years of an EPA Administrative Order to reduce sanitary sewer overflows (SSO).  Darrell was hired to develop and implement a dedicated sanitary sewer Preventative Maintenance (PM) section which included large diameter cleaning, small diameter cleaning, CCTV inspection, and sanitary sewer condition assessment (SSCA) programs. These programs along with an aggressive capital improvement program allowed the FWWD to be released from the EPA’s Administrate Order several years early.

During his tenure with FWWD he was allowed to continuously evolve multiple wastewater programs;

⦁ PM Cleaning (small diameter) ~ averaging 1.50 million feet cleaned annually +/-
⦁ PM CCTV ~ averaging 1.20 million feet inspected annually +/-
⦁ PM Support Group ~ to provide support for cleaning and inspection activities
⦁ PM Sanitary Sewer Condition Assessment (SSCA) Group ~ to review, evaluate, and research every inspection as it pertains to system performance and regulatory compliance
⦁ Large Diameter Multi-Senor Inspection (MSI) and Cleaning Program ~ largest inspection program of this nature in the world and in 2016, recipient of the State’s highest award by Texas Environmental Excellent Award for Innovative Operations and Maintenance – click here for more info

Due to the overwhelming success of the programs developed by Darrell, portions of his programs have been referenced in two EPA reports:

2004 EPA’s Report to Congress on the Impacts and Control of CSOs and SSOs (key word search “Fort Worth”).
2010 EPA’s Office of Research and Development: Innovative Internal Camera Inspection and Data Management for Effective Condition Assessment of Collection Systems (key word search “Fort Worth”).

It is the Gadberry Consulting Group’s philosophy that any successful sanitary sewer program starts with an observation and defect manual such as our Sewer Pipeline Inspection and Condition Assessment (SPICAP) program. We believe you should have a program that is specific to your agencies needs while still meeting Federal, State and Local requirements.

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