July 24, 2016


SPICAP was created by Darrell Gadberry. Darrell has personally performdarrell gadberryed over 50,000 manhole inspections and 19 million feet of pipe walked and inspected. When it comes to wastewater system experience he is well versed in manhole inspection, smoke testing, dyed water testing, force mains, wet wells, flow monitoring, condition assessment and asset management.

Due to the overwhelming success of the programs developed by Mr. Gadberry, portions of his programs have been referenced in two EPA reports;

⦁ 2004 EPA’s Report to Congress on the Impacts and Control of CSOs and SSOs (key word search “Fort Worth”).
⦁ 2010 EPA’s Office of Research and Development: Innovative Internal Camera Inspection and Data Management for Effective Condition Assessment of Collection Systems (key word search “Fort Worth”).

Darrell’s programs have saved Fort Worth millions in planning rehab/pipe replacement, eliminating constant detrioration of pipes through proper preventive maintenance programs, cost savings/labor hours from technology implementations and more.

Darrell retired in early 2016 from the City with the goal of providing a pipeline inspection standard. The standard, based on years of expert experience, is SPICAP.

SPICAP is designed to be simple to use, provide effective results for planning, and be affordable for agencies to successfully implement, maintain, and have solid QA/QC reporting.