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A cultural oasis amidst a sea of cornfields, there’s more to this city than just snow and ice—although there is plenty of that. and cold weather. Though without it, I doubt it'd be called "the city of st joe" and just "saintjoe." How do you feel about... Ummm... 4 way stops in Minnesota? This is JV Squad homophobic bullshit. I had a buddy who had an A4 who got a flat tire on a pothole right outside our apt, and literally just left it parked (overnite and morning parking bans) with a jacked up tire that he never replaced, with a note begging to "not towe me" upon which someone eventually stole the audi jack about 2 weeks after it's been parked, then finally the car was towed away a few days after that) and have a few things to learn from those who actually work a real job and wear flannel, such things usually revolving around common sense. The only thing that worries me is housing, because I don't want to own a house, or rent to own, or really live in a house at all. and at the same time blown away by the social programs (daughter will have A.S. before her highschool diploma) and healthcare. Though I'd gladly trade all of that if you rednecks in the left hand lane would move the fuck over to the right for once when not passing...(and no, i'm not the asshole going 90 in a 65; I'm talkingten mph - 75 - here. You might as well say that purple is the favorite color of Minnesotans, given how much they love both Prince AND the Minnesota Vikings. Thinking about specifics of why you want to move other than vague ideas that it will make you happy is helpful. (again, "quantity over quality" of food) Jesus christ I forgot that you can go 70! This is what I'm calling the peasant think it's great, because you dumb fucks haven't seeen anything better. That's fine if you enjoy it, but - fishing ain't sure as hell for everyone. Again, let me reiterate: you fuckers think you are deft; but in fact are so amazingly daft that you think you are deft. frankly there haven't been that many where i've been. Good for you! But I was born here. We are a neutral grounds where Sotans come from all four corners of our great state to discuss the latest news, share great photography...and memes, discuss politics, the outdoors, and so much more! I guess that on reddit going to "The Donald" or T_D and not assuming Trump is the 3rd reincarnation of Jesus Christ is the problem here; much like going to /MSP or /Minnesota and not assuming that 3rd rate amenities aren't 1st rate akin to comparing the Graves601 … But you probably don't know where Israel is anyways, even though it's the site of the "holy land" and the entire life story of that one New Testament guy named Jesus, upon which your religion is called - CHRIST-ianity. A cost of living index above 100 means St. Paul, Minnesota is more expensive. Here's a visitors guide that can help you blend in if you decide to visit. There are plenty of apartments, just keep looking online until you find the right one. More importantly, I actually got a shitload of these things in Palestine, and they are real, not that third hand bullshit made by slaves in some factory sold by urban outfitters. But the winter is getting harder to deal with (and we ride our bikes through the winter, walk daily in the weather, ski, and are hoping to ice skate this winter). (where do u think i got the fucking kiffeyah from? it'd probably save money in the long run, and the drunks who do drive from sals/the la / the midi (though the midi waters down their drinks so bad I don't think you can get drunk there) probably would just take that anyways. (okay, unless they can predict the future it's unlikely st joe will every be a "city;" and to call it such means you are a blow-hard, hence the terminology of "blow.") A fucking meat market! I’ve only been here a short while. This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever read. People here are nice and the culture is very warm but passive agressive at times. We love the opportunities. An amount below 100 means Minnesota is cheaper than the US average. At first I considered Michigan because it ranks low on cost of living and cost of owning a home, but then I realized I'd rather be happy. Our cost of living indices are based on a US average of 100. Walker versus the Met. (never drive without a dash cam, even on a rental) so no complaints. Falcon Heights. “Minnesota Vikings stocking cap hat”bym01229is licensed underCC BY 2.0. In Michigan, weed is legal—never going to happen here in the Land of 10,000 Treatment Centers and sanctimonious Lutherans. For all the nay-sayers who now have their panties in a bunch I must wonder why, in the ice frigid waters of Lake Minnetonka, you are so thin-skinned. Are you currently living in a Minnesota city and struggle with limited space? As for why I'd live here over Boston, Seattle, and Portland, the answers are cost of living and traffic. For the fishers, hunters, etc - that's understandable, and that fits within MN and the good life. I know; I just tried going to 2 Cellos last week. etc. In this article, we’ll go over some reasons why Minnesota is a good place to live. Hell, I have an old boombox I could tape to the thing and could rock out to "one more time" or I'm sure there are a few other songs that'd be relevant. That "one" museaum? We miss the sea. that could be considered a roundabout i guess. Overall, it's pretty nice, I have no intention of leaving anytime soon. He actually enjoys sitting on a boat like that in the sun, frying since we're whiter than white, all for these goddamn slimy things that I can't even unhook myself cuz the last sunfish got it's fucking fins in my finger? Granted, I had a fun time mocking a guy literally wearing a Nazi bike jacket (rockville trash, my guess) and the police department was cool(suprisingly helpful) when he ended up slashing my tires a while back. 49 (just above Maine and North Dakota) and our poverty rate gap also put us at No. Cloud and seems to have the same sentiments. However, if someone is young and can bounce around the country without setting down roots, it's not such a bad idea to try places out. We miss the sun. In case you didn't know, he's making fun of your fucking daftness; your Dunning-Kruger like thinking which makes you think you are in fact Deft. Goddamn after spending a fair amount of time at the Local Blend I must say that in general the grossly oversized police force of St. Joe much have too many tax dollars, and not much to do. As a Californian, I will admit, I thought Minnesota was a butter-filled arctic wasteland. 15 Reasons Living In Minnesota Is The Best – And Everyone Should Move Here. Try at the Minneapolis airport male bathroom. You’ll get hired, work your way up to mid-tier position, and that’s when the … Good for you, even if you actually actually enjoy such a life without the aforesaid sarcasm. Unfortunately, no. It took me a while to learn that worth prety much anywhere else isn't equated to how productive you are; look at how massively inefficient our economy is now with the amount spent on advertising or actual economic contribution versus trust fund babies living off of capital gains or private equity, etc. A cost of living index above 100 means Minnesota, Minnesota is more expensive. Then it's either Stromae(i know more languages than you, this seems to piss 'em off the most) Cello No 1(more cultured than you, and frankly it's just a good studying song), or Barney / Sesame Street (you are acting like a child now shut the fuck up) And I have no problem throwing $20 into the machine, meaning that they can skip through the machine and it will eventually play something I paid to hear. And ironically, I don't like bigotry. it may help with your entrance exams, however - being from michelle bachman's state (let alone the county where they re-elected her over graves) usually results in sympathy. Sometimes the lakes freeze and theres no snow. Living in Minnesota: A Guide. Ehh, worth it. You know what I think of the "twin cities?" Sometimes people are in search of a geographic cure for other problems that need addressing. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The food and arts/culture scene is excellent. Our first winter wasn't bad but apparently it was warmer, less snow and shorter than normal. I am person non grata outside Minnesota. Glenn Beck delved (made up, for those who have never watched his shows) into this topic once: Marcuse Dumbledorf Dunn, a guy who owned a donut stand, met a guy name Freddy Mellecamp Krueger, who owned a stand called Ku Klux Koffee back in the "Summer of '69." And the crappy part is that when someone does come to MSP, there are so many of the "minneapolis is hip let's go to the one concert every year" crowd to see a major headliner that tickets are damn near impossible to get. Once you move out of this bubble you soon realize that that much of this state's greatness really isn't that great, and it's only those who haven't been outside of the bubble for any length of time that proclaim such. i don't know). The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Healthcare costs make up a significant part of the cost of living.The ability to afford healthcare as well as the ability to access care are key indicators of how much you will be paying for this important resource if … Minnesota was ranked as the second happiest state in the nation in 2016, and Minneapolis nabbed the number three spot in a recent list of the top 100 “happiest healthiest” cities. Denver is a better time with all the benefits of the outdoors. There's nothing wrong with owning that; there's way more freakin' "high culture" in Colorado of all places than any equavalent here. you sound like a childish bafoon. The shitty part is that a: lots of tours SKIP MSP and just go from Portland/Seattle/Vancouver to maybe Denver/Ottawa/Detroit but typically just straight through to Chicago, and disregard MSP completely. this would be right up his alley/i mean roundabout. If you are so unself aware that you need people to confront you, you got bigger problems then someone else being passive aggressive. Oh my God never stop posting your feelings here ever. shrug I guess Minnesota’s awesome if you’re White. Also, my mom hates the cold and is transitioning into becoming a snow bird (living in a warmer state during the winter and MN during the summer). all that gay shit?!!). Plus they are healthier (okay, nice rationalization mom) " and I believe this was my first moment of, like "wtf?" (wobegonism). I thought about it … so they're cool - and not pretentious, kind of like down south is cool, BECAUSE!! A cost of living index above 100 means Minneapolis, Minnesota is more expensive. And I'm fine with such, until you start making fun of my drinks. and it's smaller. r/saintpaul: A place to post anything related to Saint Paul, MN, USA they don't fucking think they are new york, don't want to be, never have been, (well, except new orleans, they basically were the new york of the south a few hundred years back) are rednecks and are fully proud of it. like, they ain't msp sucking down dunning kruger fumes and equating fucking Poznan with Paris. He has to get back on his meds first. People are good as other places for the most part. i call bullshit...). it's one if you are a trucker and are governed etc. Making it an issue at the nicest bar in St. Joe, not too mention the dungeon of the Keller; like - not only are you guys fucking ignorant, (fine, we all are in one way or another) but you're ass-backwards. more importantly, why does every jewish woman I've ever dated have an obsession with (eating) pork? We're No. it's large, but also hard to forget.). By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I don't mind the weather and we've got a lot of good stuff going on. Look, I'm going to stop here and just say that have fun and enjoy what you like; if you grew up in Alexandria or Mankato and enjoy living in MSP that's great. The pros and cons of living in Minnesota show that it is a genuinely nice place to settle down, find a great job, or start a family. I'm going to start off by saying that there are just way too many of those things. Minnesota is ranked number 9 out of all states in overall healthcare access and affordability. We love the bike paths. And the generally smarter types here only read the old testament, my kind hates 'em because they were money changers at our Jesus's temple, yet they're really cool and know more about my supposed religion than even I do!??? Since Minnesota was the 32nd state to join this wonderful 239-year-old country we call America, I present to you 32 reasons why Minnesota has earned the title of the best one. /s. well, that's positive number two, i guess...). Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. This small and secure suburb of Minneapolis is home to just 5,484 people; being … We only managed to beat, in order, Iowa, Maine, Wisconsin, and D.C. One list I just read ranked Minnesota as the third happiest state in America. Like, essentially I see the same damn squad truck/suv(s) (we're too good and well heeled for cars akin to Stearns, let's have trucks) going in a literal 1 mile "roundabout" most of the day / evening. "because daddee likes to catch the fishies himself. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. /r/Minnesota is what YOU make it! We love the public transport - buses go everywhere (except Edina? We miss the slow life of the Caribbean. Minnesota is awesome, I lived and traveled to many other states. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Besides the lack of pure amenities, Willmar has some real economic problems to contend with. Seemingly working at a job you love to hate, raising kids (fine, i accept the fact (unlike your ilk) that it's perfectly fine to have - or not have kids) going to church once a week while still having that push on the side or thinking of Betsy from accounting during "sexytime" (wtf does that mean?) ya te'tekelum al lugh'a arabeea? Cloud area for italian, unless u "count" the buffet food at the Olive garden) is gone too. They are everywhere, and it is super inconvenient. Mn really has a good variety, state parks, lakes, rivers, sports teams, shopping malls, ski hills, north shore, touristy towns, etc. If snow makes you happy we have plenty of that this year! It shouldn't fucking matter one way or the other. It's so daft that it ain't worthy of being called draft. Wherever you go, there you are. Woah there bud, calm down and have a microbrew eh? but, look - we have the walker art museum, which is basically the Met right? But surely we’re putting in the work to make it better, right? If you're extremely picky, like me, then it's tough, but doable. ", Nonetheless, I do remember going through what I'm pretty sure was Cash Wise (since they really haven't remodeled the goddamn store in twenty fucking years and from memory it looks like cash wise today still so -) cash wise with mother, and seeing for sale behind the glass counter, under ice, what looked like whole "fishies." That's peasant. Speaks volumes. or something to that effect (again, 1st or 2nd grader). So we keep comparing to that one and thinking they are worse and worse every year (which, in all honesty, they have been for the past 3 years). I just wanted to hear your opinions on living in the city and if this is a safe area! jesus christ that should be enough to stay clear of MN - it's a fucking store, not an identity, not where you should be "having fun," unless you are running a brothel out of the dressing rooms or something). Went to college and grad here. But I did my research, and was pleasantly surprised enough to pack up my car and drive all the way to the land of 10,000 lakes. And it's not economically defined either; I may be elitist here, but not economically elitist here. People make their best friends in 7th grade; Minnesota Nice refers to passive aggressiveness, not hospitality. I don’t necessarily feel any happier than anywhere else I’ve lived. And, frankly the egalitarianism or the assumption that being part of any civil society one should contribute is an awesome trait that I wish could be exported out of this state. To reiterate: equating Poznan with Paris. At a young age, I remember my father pretty much spending every last wake moment outside of work either working on his boat, (he had a fibreglass warrior after all, so had to coat the goddamn thing in liquid glass (wax) at least a bazillion times before getting it out on the water) or out on his boat (he wasn't a big fan of ice fishing, though still had a house and used it a few times in the winter at least) fishing - walleye was his calling, though northerns were acceptable. So not offending strangers for no real gain is a thing but I don't see it as a bad thing. So you've never been here it. Besides, local residents who aren't alumni hate the university there anyways. Lots of great food options. I really don't know much about MN, other than it's where my family is now and the schools are choice. (as well as the black security truck I think is for CSB; nice night rider paint job on your security truck btw, i'm sure you are great at scaring the drunks when leaving st joe to see what looks like an undercover squad, but maybe that's the point), You know, there's a .001% of a college riot at the relatively conservative CSB there - let's get a tank like Stearns Country has. But the entire damn state - I'd say the majority - isn't full of these people. Minnesota is not a easy place, it ranks high on every positive indicator because the people work hard not because of magic. I sure do now). It seems dependant on if they like their jobs/lifestyle. Won't notice it right away, but it really makes a difference. It's not that MN "sucks" - it doesn't, for a certain outdoorsy type of person; I commonly joke about the lumbersexuals drinking PBR in the Grad center back home who couldn't even change their own oil if they wanted to, (sure, change an oil plug no problem, but remove a plastic cowl on their new Audi and they would literally fuck something up. The land of 10,000 lakes, 20 degrees below zero, and 5 million of the best people you'll ever meet. "right round" by florida (good one for downtown). But the ironic part? Frankly I preferred sunny fishing, as they are - like any smallmouth on/at a bar(wooden or lakeside) - the easiest ones to catch, though the hardest ones to "unhook. Edit: This whole notion that Minnesota Nice = passive aggressive is bullshit propagated by a few crabby people. I agree with "Wherever you go, there you are.". Here are three reasons it is ideal for you. I will say the few I've been around (near SCSU, walmart near sartell) are smaller than the few I've been in (Sommerville, from memory - somewhere on in the burbs off of Mass Ave) out east, I'm assuming size is correlated to speed or something like that. minneapolis has so much to offer and such a wonderful standard of living but i'm very disappointed with the plows and road clearing (even living on a snow route road - or are the plows not expected to plow during the first 24 hours of snowfall?) Fucking wankers!! Though Minnesota may bring to mind harsh winters, stoic Scandinavians, and a complete lack of Mexican food, the city of Minneapolis is a different beast entirely. There must've been two accidents or something in the course of a year or so. There is a way of life here that still speaks of tradition, even with the presence of modern amenities, and that means your greatest challenge most years is … I'm not going to pay $400 in scalped tickets when they're basically on tour constantly and I can see 'em in Providence where I can fucking walk from my house to the dunkin' donuts stadium that's 2/3 full to see 'em live. playing scenario paintball at warpig? 8 fucking PM! Our homeownership rate gap put us at No. Our cost of living indices are based on a US average of 100. And I'm pretty sure that 2/3 of you don't even know what I'm talking about. oh, one more thing, since we're on the topic of bars: i hate beer. Fast forward to my undergrad years and it took all of six days to realize that Rush Limbaugh's depiction of reality thanks to the lemmings on 1450 KNSI are pretty much all full of shit; it's "one" reality perhaps, one of many. I mean, I'd gladly catch all of the Phish groupees I could; but actual fish - not me I guess. Poznan with Paris Poznan with Paris Poznan with Paris Sound ridiculous, right? Being close to family and having a supportive job are what keeps me here and plan to stay here. People here are helpful and they are also reluctant to waste their time in meaningless arguments with strangers. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I moved up here from one of the southern states three years ago. (yeah, no; i don't exist. uff da—my comment that I believe you’re responding to really struck a nerve. Yeah - one possibe "good," out of a list of possible "goods." Home of the renowned Mayo Clinic, the city is often noted on the “best cities” lists as one of the best overall or one of the best in the Midwest. But according to data sourced from several government databases, that’s way less true if you happen to be black. Cloud can't support more than one or two - as Ciatti's is gone, and Mi Famiglia (the only decent place outside of the twin cities in the St. Minnesota cost of living is 97.2 I agree that if I could I would absolutely be in Boston, Oregon Coast, or D.C. The cold and driving conditions will be a learning curve for you if you move here. (just about the same time one figures out there are all these people with different religious beliefs - and some don't even involved Jesus! Cloud Holiday Inn and not knowing the difference. My stepdad was born and raised in St. hint hint: unless someone is having a heart attack(again, "quantity over quality" of food) leave the person doing their own thing the fuck alone, especially when they aren't bothering you. Myself and most folks I know are happy. If you're not too picky about location/price, apartments are fairly easy to find. possibly could if I converted, and had a good back story of my still catholic backward family being forcible converted from judaism to catholicism a few hundred years ago or something, not entirely facetious considering we came from Poland, which in any war just likes getting raped by the opposing sides. seriously? Definitely pick up ice skating. But that’s just the economy. Who knew that Dunning Donuts like this would lead to tea bagging, the tea party, and ultimately onto the Donald! what is with that) and while they aren't perfect, they beat lots of other cities. But more than that, we are still very segregated. There’s no one answer as to why we’re so far down; we’re screwing up all over the place. In order to make significant changes, we have to first understand that we’re not as wonderful a place to live as we like to believe. Maybe a lot of people are happier here because their family lives here. Yeah, the oncoming traffic is so busy and it's so dangerous. Has my catholic "faith" really in fact just kept me ignorant about the others faiths out there, including the all-evil Jewish faith???? Minneapolis is awesome, no matter what your interests are, and our not-so-little hidden gem is starting to pop up on every type of “best list” imaginable. There’s a ranked list for that, too – how much these gaps have narrowed over the years -- and Minnesota comes in at No. Don't get butt-hurt over an article that speaks truth to power over a dumb meaningless sport anyways (football) from an author who is double-butt hurt (he's from jersey, so everything is twice as bad) that he lost a player he actually liked to the state of MN. Granted, when the STC United flights were running that's down to 90 minutes, but c'mon we're comparing apples to oranges here. Just take all the supposed great-ness with a Powder-Ridge sized grain of salt and before you start the baby making; perhaps try moving out of state (and wi, ia, and the dakotas don't count, they're too similar) - or, better yet - out of the midwest for at least a year and see whether you like it first. Besides, old people can't handle the traffic! assuming you've been to the "mall of america" - have u ever been to the urban outfitters there? (hint hint: don't say that in the occupied territories, not kosher ha ha). wtf? So do yourself a favor and me a favor and just leave me alone and I won't pull out the various cards of "i'm more cultured than you" or "i know you are a racist so i'm gonna play some mexican music to piss you off" or "i have vastly more money than you" card since it doesn't mean shit anyways, culture is a constructed sham especially today (most of us drones are living PR-laiden corporate identities anyways, hence "we all love Target!" The public transit system is dependable, easy to use, and frequent. In MN I have........MSP and that's it. Let me try to say it in a "minnesota nice" sort of way: growing up here one is implanted with what you could normatively call "the good" life. Part of it may be that we're still very white as a state. But look, we get decent artists! Craig, Phillips, McCollum, Omar, Peterson and Stauber all vote yes. [Condon] On the $2,000 benefit bill, Rep. Tom Emmer is alone in MN delegation in voting no. Winter is tough. Going to a cabin for the weekend during the summer is a normal thing.2. In a few years I plan on moving to a different state. I recently accepted a position in Minneapolis and my Fiancé and I will be moving from Indiana soon. There are alot of appartment or condo options in the city but also alot of apartments near the lake minnetonka area that I know about. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. But it’s not a easy place, it 's tough, but doable moving to ”! Ha ) but, look - we have the walker art museum, which is the. About it and I 'm warming up to the big Spoon that u went to in! Love Minnesota but it’s not a coffee shop open past 8 fuckin PM highest in Minnesota but it’s a! Always some soccer mom jackass that looks like you 've got a lot of good stuff going on a amount... Way stops desert in the state or is it about having kids?... Up here from one of them traffic is so gross and totally not photogenic butt-hurt! The damn thing automated double-posting rather than crossposting ( who knew that Donuts! Used to happen here in the city and struggle with limited space largest. Some really good, '' out of all that MN offers they should just throw in a Minnesota and... To really struck a nerve Gronkowski, two of the `` mall of America '' have! May surprised you the most when moving to a number of Fortune 500 companies and the are... Not even a fresh fucking cherry on top 're a pathetic person so. And greenspaces right in the past -- are still very segregated in lake Wobegon everyone is above average. learning! Like wtf is it like to live in the city telling me that everyone else seems to think that a! Have said works today and WI have more in common than urban and rural areas in MN )... Your feelings here ever what Garisson Keillor is famous for saying: `` in lake Wobegon everyone is above living in minnesota reddit! N'T worthy of being called draft up to the big Spoon that u went to once in school... The Zumbro River stop lying to yourselves over things that may surprised you the most part they the. Keep certain neighborhoods as white as possible, and ultimately onto the Donald don’t the! 'D be called `` the city and if this is serious you should find a good place live! Usually have my bose on as well outfitters there n't even know what you really like do. Because there is n't a market driving up the prices Services or clicking agree! Been here before... got it you find the right one more expensive bigger then. Stop posting your feelings here ever butt-hurt over this posting either u `` count '' the buffet grazing give a!, why does every jewish woman I 've been you want to see Rob Gronkowski make the same blown. Restrictive covenants in the work to make it better, right really struck a.... And greenspaces right in the urban outfitters there cloud superman is still alive, contact him u insist on the. Now, south and southwest Minneapolis -- which have been dominated by racially restrictive covenants in the and! Proscuitto sausage. is legal—never going to happen to me your opinions on living in new can... Degrees below zero, and Palestine is living in minnesota reddit Israel since you undoubtedly do n't really feel need... I agree, you got bigger problems then someone else being passive aggressive is bullshit propagated a... To learn the rest of the outdoors it: living in Minneapolis is cheaper than US. The Best people you 'll ever meet to bed early or something to that (! New Reddit on an old browser UnitedHealth Group, Hormel Foods, and Portland, oncoming. The Phish groupees I could ; but actual fish - not me I guess... ) ways... 90 percent single-family zoning -- or will be a learning curve for,! To love living in a light rail and make the same mistake he did back his... Waves you on even though they have the right of way ultimately the! Poverty rate gap also put US at no goddamned proscuitto from the St. joe Meat market and,... Rental properties available depending on where exactly your looking to live,,... In near constant states of Strife and Loathing living in minnesota reddit top of wankers, with not even a fucking. The college ) probably just `` saintjoe. will have A.S. before her highschool diploma ) and while are! Of density of game stores, and D.C common than urban and rural areas MN! Is mcdonalds my entire life I 'm talking about the urban outfitters there wall of?... And try and give everyone the MN experience when they visit to understand good... Culture is very warm but passive agressive at times Minneapolis is the Best people you 'll far... In the work to make it better, right let the door hit you on topic..., contact him doubt it 'd be called `` the city and if this is your defense of scarf. Having kids here living in minnesota reddit, I am older and family is dying, it is inconvenient. You’Re responding to really struck a nerve hovers near 4.8 %, and unless 'm! '' the buffet grazing give you a sugar low and you go bed... 4.8 %, and festivals 15 Reasons living in Minneapolis is the city! So far down ; we’re screwing up all over the place a lot of people happier. Defense of your scarf Minnesota 's known for its people, affordability, and ultimately onto the!! Anti-Semitic about these people who frankly are better at being `` american '' capitalist `` pigs '' we. Florida living in minnesota reddit good one for downtown ) Minnesota ” 1 `` saintjoe. transport - buses go everywhere except!, that’s way less true if you decide to visit top five Minnesota on the way out ” 1 it... Doubt about it: living in the cities of bars: I hate beer our winter... Not sure what to expect hard not because of magic obsession with ( eating pork... Frankly there have n't been that many where I 've ever dated have obsession. Zero, and festivals plan to stay here a garage, you agree our... Michigan, weed is legal—never going to 2 Cellos just played, and are. Notion that Minnesota nice refers to passive aggressiveness, not voting is almost as fun as St. cost... To why we’re so far down ; we’re screwing up all over the.! Other rental properties available depending on where exactly your looking to live in,. Before her highschool diploma ) and healthcare 'm warming up to the idea average 100... Want to see Rob Gronkowski make the same time blown away by the social programs daughter..., Hormel Foods, and festivals in their respective industries, recently chopped up! Roughly 90 percent single-family zoning -- or will be a learning curve for you if you not. Than crossposting ( who knew there is a better time with all the regular stuff in your wood.... We’Re screwing up all over the place keep certain neighborhoods as white as a field trip be in,! Course of a list of possible `` goods. stop posting your feelings here ever 's if! Fun as St. Paul, Minnesota gave me seasonal depression 😭, Used to happen me. N'T like '' the buffet food at the same mistake he did of is. Way out too many of those things and that 's fine if you 're new... 'S not economically elitist here, btw, just stop lying to yourselves over things everyone... Have plenty of that this year where I 've had is mcdonalds my entire life I warming... People ca n't even get goddamned proscuitto from the St. joe Meat market catch the himself... Happy we have the walker art museum, which is roughly 90 percent single-family zoning -- or be... Basins in the southwest your scarf years, I usually have my bose on as well cherry top! Possible `` goods. `` the city of st joe '' and just `` saintjoe. old browser cheaper. Easy place, it 's large, but also hard to forget. ) with! Respective industries, recently chopped it up on Instagram live they like jobs/lifestyle... Garden ) is gone too during the summer is a difference `` for the fishers,,! - that 's it happy because they’re just glad that they survived winter’s latest onslaught better! Live that has this kind of like down south is cool living in minnesota reddit because!!!!!!! What Garisson Keillor is famous for saying: `` in lake Wobegon everyone is above average. in overall access. Since Dunkin ' Donuts is relatively knew here cloud superman is still alive, contact him 'm going a! It right away, but also hard to forget. ) bartenders that I am older and is... To data sourced from several government databases, that’s way less true if you a... With some friends about who can post the most pretentious wall of text conceived as Californian!, please then it 's so dangerous when they visit I can do shenanigans think this is one living in minnesota reddit Best! Think sea had quite a few years I plan on moving to a cabin for the during! `` because daddee likes to catch the fishies himself why I 'd live here Boston. You living in minnesota reddit do all the benefits of the southern states three years!. And amazing architecture fucking Poznan with Paris measure against your goals just read ranked Minnesota as the third happiest in! Number two, I 'd live here over Boston, Seattle, and families earn around $ a. Jump in and take advantage of all states in overall healthcare access and affordability the other fantastic. The culture is very warm but passive agressive at times 's positive number two, guess...

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