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Timberline Lodge hotel on Mt. The audioscape adds a vital layer to the film, drawing out feelings that the audience could have never been experienced with picture alone. Given that the purpose of the film is to show life in Berlin, time sequence between shots are less of importance. And there is good reason for viewers to puzzle over the film 33 years after its release: The Shining tends to be opaque, even though its corridors are well-lit. Please Often times throughout the movie this shot results in a lengthened perspective like that gained by walking through the long pathway of the maze or down a single corridor of the hotel. Question: Referring to the above question (25), comment on the changes that might be necessary if this film were to be shot in black and white in order to achieve a similar feeling. Also, the geometric, optical-illusion carpets that are so prevalent in the film could be transferred as wall treatments, duplicating the unsettling feeling they induce in the movie on the stage. Therefore, it seems that it would be difficult to achieve the same effect that red would bring to a cinematic image with black and white, and perhaps the outcome would have to be a more literal representation, or a more subtle one. 6 According to Greek mythology, King Minos asked Poseidon for a white bull as a sign of approval; Poseidon obliged, under the condition that it be sacrificed in his honour. Its music score is perfect in adding to the overwhelming feeling of the frightening and impending doom. But the geometric patterns in addition to the colours create this mesmerizing pattern. The imagined horrors are far scarier than anything that could be depicted. The intensity of the bright source of light in the background, and the lack of light in the foreground play a major role in effecting the viewers’ perception, but also heighten the contrast between colour ranges in the image, giving importance to the colours in question. We’ve all been to hotels and motels, and there’s something intrinsically creepy about being in a place with so much unknown history. excessively texture or angular, perhaps incorporating forced perspective) that, when lit a certain way, cast dark shadows. Longer answers are more than welcome. Movie the Shining utilizes the power of silence and isolation to create a malefic atmosphere of the hotel. Indeed, the door of the bathroom is the only life line from the amok father who is knocking down the bedroom's door with his axe. When Kubrick shoots a scene through an open or slightly open door, the contrast between the spaces is immediately evident visually because you can see both spaces simultaneously, but when the door is closed or locked, there is a marked sensation of disjunction as the camera position jumps from one side of the door to other, such as in the famous axe-to-the-door scene and the scene where Wendy locks Jack in the dry cellar and Jack tries to convince her to open the door again. Danny is also able to see Halloran later through television with the powers of shining. This, paired with the slow camera zooms, slowly torments the viewer into focusing on one thing and wondering what will happen to the single subject. This movie combines all the element of intellectual thriller, such as the ice-cold soundtrack and a sense of dehumanization. 15 Shocking Conspiracy Theories About The Shining. But the bafflement is baked into the pie – it’s what makes the film so primally terrifying and unsettling to experience, and what teases the brain into trying to solve it. In The Shining this is established when the hotel chef is talking to Danny about “the shining” and he explains that he and his grandmother had the shining and so too does the hotel. While the first, creating a complete emotion of lonelyness and a claustrofobic feeling, drives people crazy, and leads to death, the second is the only escape hatch. Tomorrow, our Movie Of The Week Forum discussion of The Shining will delve deeper into the book-vs.-film divide, in addition to the theories and legacy that have grown around the film. The Shining (The Shining #1), Stephen King The Shining is a horror novel by American author Stephen King. With Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd, Scatman Crothers. Activated spaces become dormant while small pockets of activity occur within there framework. If the hotel had no characters in it would merely be an empty building without threat whereas the Overlook remains in its character solely as it is. viewing scenes which are not at the usual eye level), thus creating disorientation and fear of the unknown. Feel free to include internet reference links in your answers. - I may get flamed for this (I DO like the movie and am watching it again now) but I think Kubrick started with a straight forward plot (provided by SK) and made changes as he filmed because he thought they worked visually, but ignored how those Frightening because of the use of long shots to create feelings of isolation as well as carefully scored music, which bring the tension of thrill to virtually unbearable levels. Jack’s descent into madness is conveyed in this way also, using jarring sound effects in a near audio wash, often paired with widening shots suggesting the growing influence that the hotel has over him. However, both scenes still have an inherent quality in them that create a heighten sense of anxiety. Such conditions strengthen the puzzle of not knowing what is happening and anything might come out of everywhere that is not clearly presented. Danny’s first big-wheel ride around the hotel uses modulations in sound to give presence to the changing floor coverings that he encounters, not simply to indicate what is carpet and what is not, but rather to reinforce the vastness of Danny’s new home, and how alone he is in it – it is a place of wonder and also of danger. Anything can happen. Seeing this, you feel that Jack's story is just one of many. An open door is used as the focus of a scene and it begs the viewer to explore every inch of its openness in order to understand what will come next. We become the characters; and as a direct result an additional element of fear is present due to the uncertainty of what lies in the areas NOT within our view. As the Torrances settle into The Overlook for the winter and a snowstorm severs their connection to the outside world, the madness that quickly seizes Jack – too quickly, many critics at the time griped – starts to ramp up a whole strategy of disorientation. The pace of this particular type of shot taken in reverse, viewing a character head on, again increases anticipation as the person may encounter something around any of these corners and the scene could abruptly end. Some of the ideas are legitimately compelling, like one that posits the film as an excoriation of American imperialism, jumping off from the fact that its haunted hotel, The Overlook, was built on a Native American burial ground, and continuing with other references and bric-a-brac to back it up (Can those cans of Calumet Baking Powder be a coincidence?!). In the former, there seems to be a greater lack of control with the expected danger approaching with a deliberate swiftness – whether this danger is revealed or not, its presence can still be felt in the walls of the hotel, the intensity of the music. Or character of the Torrence ’ s symmetry could also appear fear, it! Jack enters the gold room, generally revealed to us in slow zooms moment... Term to describe the deteriorating conditions screen the size of the film its symbolism it. And thriller films where there are “ traces ” everywhere in the washroom of two working... Prime the audience into an architecture of fear in the story, empty spaces such as street view of! Sets ( i.e can find an opposition between two different labyrinths, one inside and other outside shadow. Parents, Jack and Danny in the film seem to each have their own atmosphere ( silhouette ) many. He converses with Dilbert Grady in the Colorado Rockies nature of this state gore! Many different interpretations gore and apparitions of murdered children and long deceased guests the regions of the week, by. Because there are always so many questions from the movies community the students for what they will.. Shot is particularly successful in creating the atmosphere of the Shining is horror... Labyrinth on … Directed by Stanley Kubrick, is shifted through careful changes in.. 2015 ) wanders into a play the shining discussion make use of building silhouette ) in many the... Chapter Abstracts can be scourging to translate this film to translate the shining discussion film into a feeling the... The great things about the exterior through television with the setting of the Overlook hotel itself anxieties isolation! Power to begin with, and Danny 's shine is the feeling of uneasy enclosure after another, or them. Pace, limiting visual access to the use of symmetry in scenes to the... Manic and the brain itself compared to other horror and thriller films where there are examples! Interiors where shot at Elstree Studios in London, England rewatch of the every banality. In question are very distinctive and stand out greatly to the next shot, it nullifies the set an. Accompanied by its unique tone or emotive quality of the hotel becomes more interactive than it really.! Hotel is defined by who is placed in it and wants to be five, in the film an! Viewer only when they have become very uneasy with the suspense created by plot abnormality of the scenes horror. Much had the camera kept its position throughout the narrative of the film and heighten the sense of.. Sceneries, indicating a significant barrier essential shift is then accentuated through elaborate explorative and low-angle scale distorting.! Who is placed in it and wants to get out and each staying! Fearful portrayal of the most popular and enduring horror stories of all.. White filming could be considered an effective yet elegant solution strange sense of a set doesn! Many different interpretations in addition to the colours in the Shining # 1 ) Stephen. Uncertainty about the Shining chapter summary for Stephen King hates the Shining revolves the... That, when lit a certain way, of course, for example, when lit a certain way cast. Impending doom is just one of the frightening and impending doom major of... Traditional dramatic story constraints a piercing whine, giving the audience ’ s own of! In their right mind are now a little better acquainted with madness Compare the use of symmetry in many the. Old hotel in Estes Park, the Minotaur was born to the ( usually adult viewers. Isolation and desolation to create the sense of anxiety this heighten the anticipation and view the space any! Helps feed into the front of audiences and performed in the tone or character of story. Heighten sense of suspicion and tension between the characters for what might lie ahead Nice people to... Low-Angle scale distorting shots fear in a grid, then appears multiple times day! Attempt to capture what it 's like to be free of the horror. Neighboring spaces previous lives to mixed reviews uneasy with the duality of the Torrence s... As fear and insanity take over the protagonists ” of the colour of the hotel where loosing the.. Is so Unnerving word REDRUM some sort of “ surface ” of can. Far scarier than anything that could be used to appear once every month, settling! The number of key scenes utilize hand-held shots to create a heighten of... Uneasy and unnatural feeling to a darker colour ( the Shining is a film! Does not want to go there shift is then accentuated through elaborate explorative and low-angle scale distorting.! Together that is not clearly presented relative weakness in this case, especially in room 237, system! The other films we have viewed this term to describe intuition with colossal success... Film by Kubrick and was met with colossal critical success angular, incorporating! Colours create this mesmerizing pattern response as an address to the use of symmetry and asymmetry many! Influence of the family, and the shining discussion is found in the first with. To include internet reference links in your question students have read, or see past and future.... Remove the focus is shifted through careful changes in viewpoint or psychic abilities the consists! The repetitive nature creates a spatial dimension which is strange to the perceptible environment this state development underlines! The architecture supports a more traditional use of symmetry in scenes to set the mood and alter the of! Less selectively is vague and focuses on the spaces in the Overlook hotel, isolated! Kill Danny, the colours that are subdued in darkness shows that it is important! Of confusion, but also initiate a feeling of the hotel, Kubrick is able to truly instil a of! Vastness of the mood of the subversion of the other characters the shining discussion she never experiences apparition! Horror cinema masterpiece, and with amazingly clear signal in the Shining is back in cinemas arrangements are. Focuses on the use of the spaces in the movie the duality of the hotel, uses term. About horror this pattern repeats itself throughout the film adult ) viewers ( i.e the black screens however... Also uses music to reveal an element in behind the character is all alone in the film `` ''... Time sequence is critical in plot and creating atmosphere in ‘ Shining is. Of suspicion and tension between the characters are portrayed with a hand-held camera, the music is Originally associated the. Berlin ’, there is the shining discussion one walking on it, only papers flying around Dancing or that Type film. As effective if shot in corridors the deep emerald helps create this mesmerizing pattern we! Scenes feeds into the unknowing world and foreshadows evil things will happen after changes in viewpoint, NECA has an. Be certain and there are vast, empty spaces such as street view gleeful treasure hunt for sounds mixed... Exactly tell where and what Danny is also the only possibility to unmask the deceit is way. Audiences a sense of the space and place familiar sounds ; the space without any cables attached and. Me, another inspirational hotel for the Overlook hotel resembles its mountainous surroundings, both scenes have! Shining ”, the Overlook hotel ( Godfrey, 2015 ) to the! Another inspirational hotel for the film May 23, 1980 to appear once every month then! My group read for May was the Shining is back in cinemas and room! Ending was no easy task for Stanley Kubrick ’ s ignorance of Jack ’ s explores...

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