fiddle leaf fig bush vs tree

Most fiddle leaf fig owners start out with a bush-shaped plant. My branches start too high. I have done top pinching for my Lyrata and thinking about doing it to my Compacta which is about 35inch tall, i am in early Spring of Australia, do you think Compacta will branch out as well as Lyrata? Hi, thanks for the info. We won't bombard your inbox, promise. Hey Melissa, pruning and pinching will encourage a bushier growth and branching, but if you’re wanting your FLF to grow tall, just make sure its getting enough light, water and nutrients 🙂 Pruning uses sharp secateurs to cut branches when they are growing too big and need to be trimmed, or to encourage other branches and leaves to grow. Younger (and therefore smaller) plants are cheaper and less of a risk to buy if you’re not sure how well you’ll be able to look after it – its less of a risk if it doesn’t last in your home. There are currently 3 new leaves growing out the top (thanks to your fertiliser tip) and it seems ok after I cut through the roots. I wrote a post of strengthening FLF trunks, which could be helpful. If you wanted to keep them, you could even try propagating them in water! I have 2 FLFs and would be interested in experimenting with a shrub look on the other one. Fiddle-leaf fig care includes adequate water, but the worst thing you can do to fiddle-leaf fig trees is to overwater them. Otherwise they should sprout again at the growth tip of the branch. Firstly be patient – it takes time for a tree to grow! My tree also needs repotted, can I do it all at the same time? I have it in a window with very bright light and noticing brown spots on the edges outer part of leaves. Hell!! Emily’s posts have been featured on popular travel websites as well as home & style sites such as Apartment Therapy. I tried shaking them each day, but that made it worse. I’m afraid the trunk won’t be strong enough if I cut them. You could also try nothing in several places, as not all notching will end up being successful. Its leathery leaves are thick and shiny. It lost a few leaves at first, but now is doing well in a sunny window and the smaller leaves on top are getting bigger. Hey Mary! I will check for root rot and repot tonight. At the beginning of this growing season, two branches started from the very bottom of the trunk and have now grown to be 3-4 feet long with 10-12 large leaves on each. You can read it here. Hey Teresa, I’m still experimenting with notching myself, but have a look at this link which talks really specifically about how to notch for new branches. Hey Ana, if the branches themselves appear to have died, you can prune back the branches to a spot where the inside is white/green and there’s sap. Its almost 3 feet tall. This particular FLF is about 5′ tall. This is a sign of life. Hey Kimberly, thanks so much – I’m always happy to help and reply to comments 🙂 It’s normal for the soil to be more wet/damp the further into the pot, and it will dry out first at the top. The crinkled, puckered leaves are definitely a sign of low humidity and 36% is very low. It would seem as though the 10’s belong to the fiddle leaf fig.For a few years now, the fiddle leaf fig has been the ‘go to’ plant when it comes to interior design and décor. Overall, he’s very happy. Two of the branches have dropped all leaves and have shriveled now. Should I start the braiding now? Thank you! Hosing it down probably isn’t making much difference to increasing humidity. I want to cut it back to about 8′ and to be bushier, lollipop shaped if you will. Do I cut them to save the tree? I have a three branch fiddle that quickly found it’s happy spot in my house. All the best! Great article and great advice! Thanks. Keep in mind that any work you do on a FLF (including repotting, pruning and fertilising) should be done in its natural growth time of Spring and Summer to allow the plant to adjust to the changes and react in the best possible way. Bambinos need nutrients to support strong roots and healthy leaves, so make sure to regularly fertilize with a liquid 3-1-2 NPK fertilizer like Fiddle Leaf Fig Food, especially during the spring and summer when your plant is growing. I’m thinking of getting 2 small FLFs, planting them at the base and braiding them up the trunk as they grow so I can get some lower branches eventually. Built by Newcastle Creative Co. A post shared by Emily Connett – Dossier Blog (@dossierblog) on Mar 23, 2020 at 1:24am PDT. Also part of the ficus family, the rubber tree is a. Pruning activates branches, so you should start to see some buds forming on the stem below where it was pruned 🙂. I’ve left all the leaves on the trunk but I would like more of a tree look. But FLFs do prefer to slightly dry out between waterings. I think the branches are forked just under the soil, but I will try the stakes as you suggested to another commenter. All trunks are brown and woody looking. But then there is also three more smaller trunks that aren’t as mature. Your local nursery should be able to help with specifics! If so, the branches are still alive and should regrow leaves from the top when ready. When multiple stems share the one root system, its riskier to separate them and may cause more harm to the plant if you do. While I don’t feel confident in my ability to separate them and re-pot, I still would like each trunk to grow straight-upwards and relatively close (grouped) together (i.e. I waited about 2 weeks to repot and it’s been in the same location (an easy facing window w white sheers) every since…I ignore her basically only watering about every 2 months and currently it is 6 feet tall and shows new growth weekly. The fiddle-leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is a popular indoor specimen plant featuring very large, heavily veined, violin-shaped leaves that grow upright.These plants are native to tropical parts of Africa, where they thrive in very warm and wet conditions. Maybe you’ve found a smaller, bushy FLF to bring home. I’ve got an amazing mature FLF tree, but I wondered as it only has leaves on the top third (it’s about 5ft tall)if I notch on a lower part of the trunk will it encourage lower leaves/new stems, or does it not work like that? The answer is yes! They do a lot to help support the trunk and provide nutrients for health and growth. Have you had success notching? Here are the main clues something has gone wrong and how to remedy them. Do I band them together? I’ve also found it has taught me more details on how to care for them, and I’d now feel confident I could get any size and shaped FLF thriving! Hope that info helps, sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance with the braiding! If so, other options could be to propagate a stem, which you can then grow singularly in a pot to form a more tree-like shape. Thanks for the tips, very helpful! If it’s summer where you are, there wouldn’t be any harm in trying. Pruning will encourage branching and stop your FLF from being so top-heavy. See these posts for other information on Fiddle Leaf Figs. Each Has Its Own Unique Character. Let me know how you go! Hi Anne, unfortunately if you trim the edges of the leaves, they won’t grow back! Hey Chris. Most of the leaves are small. The common name ‘fiddle leaf fig’ comes from the plant’s unusually shaped leaves, which resemble a fiddle. I have gone down a serious rabbit hole of information on your website and I’m SO thankful! Thank you! But with a little extra work it’s possible to get them to support themselves. A specially-formulated one will also help the leaves grow closer together and the trunk to thicken. Hi Emily, love your informative post! There both 2-3ft tall and put out leaves constantly. This indoor tree type plant grows over 15 metres tall in it's natural habitat and up to 3 metres indoors, although they can be topped to prevent them growing taller. My fiddleleaf has branched out too much. Lastly, I saw huge improvements in my FLFs trunk when I started using a quality fertiliser. There will always be some inevitable damage with separating them so that is something to consider and may cause a little bit of leaf loss too. I’ve seen great results except for a few dead leaves. Whatever you decide, try to imagine how you’d like the plant to look in the long run. I did not know this for an embarrassingly long time. Using the above steps, with time your FLF should begin to take on a more tree-like appearance. Mine is more of a small bush,but i’ve got big plans for my little guy (Newt). I pinched the top bud (main trunk) of my FLF. Pruning is the easiest way to encourage branching – you don’t need to cut a lot off if you don’t want. If you can, putting your FLF outdoors will help the trunk. The fiddle leaf fig from the ficus genus of trees is an exciting species to grow with larger leaves than the others from the genus. Or wait to see which one becomes more dominant -there’s not necessarily one answer for your situation 🙂 It’s possible that if you do prune one of them off, it will activate more buds that will grow into branches, so keep that in mind. Hey I’m still very new to caring for indoor plants and I’m not very sure what you mean by pruning or pinching (where and how – Pictures would be very helpful!). Its best to only go up one pot size at a time to help them grow better and prevent overwatering, so the pot you purchased sounds like it would be way too big for the plant at this stage. Young stems are green, and will then slowly turn brown. Can I grow my FLF bush into a tree? Or will the plant go into shock? The plant comes in two forms: a plant and a bush. These versions are referring to the size of the plant rather than if they are a ‘bush’ or ‘tree’, as their shape mostly comes down to how they are planted and are cared for. Weird! She’s been repotted once but I didn’t split them because I was too scared I would kill them. Hey Rhi, yes notching will encourage branches at the location where you make a notch. If its getting hit with dry air for extended times this could be a reason. When you notch, if you don’t see any small new growth within a week, go over the notch again. But again, if there’s no unhealthy signs of this already on the plant, I would say the soil is most likely fine. You don’t want the WHOLE pot to dry out – this would stress out the plant. If the plant is otherwise healthy and growing, that’s the main thing 🙂. It keeps growing but the trunk does not support it. Your email address will not be published. The Guide to Separating Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Trunks. FLFs love sunlight and I’ve found that it’s a major factor in getting them growing large and healthy 🙂 Just remember they do need to be acclimatized to any direct sun. We found our rubber at Garden Life, Sydney. It is very healthy and loves it’s location but it is getting way too big. Mine only has one stem, can I get another one and plant them in the same pot? In my opinion the attribute that makes the FLF appear most like a tree is the removal of the lower leaves when it gets big enough. This may hinder their growth for a little while or require some time for them to recover. Just gotta have patience for these ones to grow. But Im not really good in planting and no green thumb as well, just trying my plants to stay long. I’ve been looking for an answer online that I can not seem to find it anywhere!! Pruning will signal to the plant to send out new shoots. Awhile back, we proclaimed the pothos as the new fiddle fig , and more recently, gave you seven reasons why the rubber tree plant was “next” , but I’m not convinced. Dossier Blog is a collection of notes on indoor plants, gardening, home & DIYs. My FLF had grown to over 10′ tall and getting close to the ceiling. If you see no change within a week to the bud below, go over the same spot again. The three main components of a tree-form Fiddle Leaf Fig over a bush-form are height, the single bare trunk and the branches. I’ve read most of the comments about pruning and supporting growth but I’m still not sure how to go about getting a thicker “trunk” on my FLF. If you go to a garden center to buy a fiddle leaf fig, you’ll most likely find a bushy plant in the 2-3 foot range in size. See if you can read on the instructions how often it says to use or change them, and when their time is up then I think it would be fine to switch over 🙂. (We don’t recommend spending hundreds of dollars on a large tree-shaped plant if this is your first fiddle!) Then before I could move it back inside two leaves got direct sun and turned brown. The pot came with about 12 very young Fiddle Leaf Fig plants, each has a separate stem but they are still green which I’m taking to mean they are really young. You can always find another single FLF in a pot to train into a tree-shape. With less leaves to support up top, it won’t be as bendy. A bushy FLF generally occurs when there’s multiple trunks in the one pot – some FLFs are sold like this while others are sold as single trunks. This should help guide you on if or where to prune, keeping in mind that pruning generally does encourage branching. It’s taken on a weird shape after I had to trim a few dying leaves and it also has a small trunk with no leaves on it (3 trunks total with possibly another one growing). Thanks for your help! Remember its always best to prune with the tree’s natural shape in mind! Keep in mind that the branches will grow at the height you prune, so that may determine how much you want to prune off. Hey Whitney, I generally recommend to bring them inside if it reaches temperatures below about 50. How do I get leaves to come back to the top of the tree? All the best 🙂, Your email address will not be published. These forums go into a lot of depth about FLFs and are a great resource! Can I rope these limbs together? Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree vs. Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush. FLFs love a bit of humidity so make sure its in a good location and you can even mist it with a sprayer. This post was so helpful in fact I’m wondering because I just started using miracleGro plant food spikes 6-12-6 on my newly purchased baby FLF. It … It is now approximately 8 feet tall. Make sure your FLF is getting enough light or move it to a brighter location. Every time I top the FLF I only get 1 new branch instead of 2. HI! I would always let the lower leaves stay on as long as possible, regardless! It sounds strange but it does help! I have one of both, I for a while I just wondered why one of mine looked like a waif-y 90s fashion model and the other looks like a bush. ? I try to separate now, risking that they may be too young and struggle to grow It may take a little trial and error to figure out. I have an 8 foot tall fiddle leave who has lost most of its leaves on top leaving exposed branches with no leaves on them. Visit for more care and Fiddle Leaf Fig tips! Powered by Shopify. I have mine on my patio. Thank you for your help. Quite useful tips however I do not agree that they are slow growing and I’ll explain why..I have had my flf bush since 6/2017 and it was but 3 feet tall when it was purchased. Other than that, some time outside in the breeze and a good fertilizer should help with leaning. The humidity is 36% today which is probably about average. When there’s enough light, the leaves grow closer together and support the trunk better. Also, some of my leaves are getting puckery looking, not smooth but still green. I live in NC where I can take it outside in the summer months so I do. My FLF is about 7ft tall and is one branch with leaves. Ideas on that? Hi! I’m pretty certain that FLF’s can’t be propogated from a single leaf – they need to have some stem attached. I’m SO SCARED to repot, since I’ve killed other plants by doing so and all the leaves fell off, even though I used terra cotta pots with cactus/succulent soil mixed with perlite. They are healthy,beautiful and bushy and about 2 feet tall. Yellow leaves In my research i’m finding that the smaller versions are actually a different variety (“compacta” or “suncoast”?) These forums were an amazing resource for me and I would definitely recommend checking out more! If it is too difficult to separate the three trunks, it may be best to keep them together to prevent too much damage from trying to untangle the roots. With small ingestions of the plant material, there is a risk for mild gastrointestinal irritation. Hey Maryan, glad the blog could be helpful! If you wanted to encourage more growth at the top, make sure it is getting lots of light on these areas or add a grow light to the top to help stimulate the new growth 🙂. But just like trends roll through fashion and homewares, they also influence our greenery. Thanks for all the great info! All the best! I’m sure there is some info if you look up braiding 🙂. Re-potting a fiddle Leaf Fig Bush: Every 2-3 years repot the Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush or whenever you find that it is root bound, providing a container slightly larger than the previous one. If they are planted in a large pot, sometimes they spend all their energy spreading out their roots rather than growing new leaves! FLFs are so versatile that they can take on a bushy appearance, or be grown and trained into a tree-shape. Summers can reach well over 95 deg and in the winters we drop down to the 40s. They often have their lower leaves trimmed off to reveal a slim trunk. Thank you for this post! If you would like your FLF to branch or it is growing too tall, pruning will definitely help the trunk. You can do this if you are ok with the trimmed leaf staying that way. I’m still not sure what I should do about my bush Fiddle leaf tree… You may want to do multiple notches, as not all of them may take. Also how would you go about splitting them? Is there any way that I can turn this half tree-half bush into a thriving tree? of soil is dry to the touch. As FLFs are tropical plants, they like to have upwards of 60% humidity. Or leave the three trunks in the one pot and enjoy how lush and bushy they get! You’ve heard this before, but have you … Thanks in advance! My Fig Tree is Dying: How to Save Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. When you say your FLF has 5 branches, do you mean 5 trunks coming out of the soil, or a single trunk with 5 branches further up? I live in Texas (zone 8) and we get all of the seasons. Thanks! I would say the main steps for thickening the trunk is giving them lots of light and using a quality fertlizer. I really like the look of a really leavy fiddle. No growth whatsoever! Can I just lop off the longer branches? Or will it be able to grow upwards from that spot later down the road? Taking a while to dry out in this plastic pot with the type of soil Lowe’s used. Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂. More FLFs is always better, haha. Thank you Sarah! The leaf can still grow roots and live but it isn’t likely it will grow into anything else from a single leaf. Sometimes I prefer to bring home smaller plants, as you can then experiment and grow the plant to the size and shape you like. 1 has 2 trunks and the other has 3. I’m in Australia too and pruned one of my FLFs just this week to get more branches. This post of branching may have some tips if you’d like to try shape your plant into more of that tree shape! Ficus lyrata, commonly known as the fiddle-leaf fig, is a species of flowering plant in the mulberry and fig family Moraceae. They are suited for growing indoors because it does not become excessively large. Can you recommend how I can get them from leaning to the sides? Let me know in the comments if this was helpful or if you have anything else you’d like to know! The fiddle leaf fig’s leaves are large and dark in colour– glossy and leathery, with yellow veins. Pruning will naturally promote new leaf growth and back-budding, which should result in bushier growth. Can I use those to propagate a new plant? Thank you!! How exactly do I encourage branches and get a thicker trunk to support a tree? Cheers. If you are really after a single-trunk tree FLF look, you may be better off getting another FLF with a single stem that you can then more easily train into a tree style. So glad this post was helpful for you 🙂. Emily. Spring brings plenty of rain and in the Fall we get breezy tornado weather. You could still tie the branches together, however this won’t necessarily help the plant in the long-run, in terms of getting it to stand straight on it’s own. One of the 3 trunks isn’t growing as well (and not as pretty) as the other 2. Or will the trunk begin to form as it grows and then I can begin pruning smaller leaves off the lower portions, as you described? Just water little by little or wait until it fully dries out and then water fully? Any breeze will help strengthen the trunk and within a few weeks you should notice a difference (I helped one of my weak FLFs this way). Your site is so hopeful – caring doe FLF can be confusing with all the info out there. If your cuttings were a leaf plus part of the stem, then they should most likely grow! But I would say that while this is happening, the plant probably wouldn’t respond well to notching. I would hate to do something too dramatic and damage my plant. How do I promote new leaf growth to get the lollipop shape I want. You could remove the less dominant trunk, but this may be a little risky and there may always be that ‘kink’ in the spot where it was removed. I got mine just a year ago and it was 36” tall. Glad the post could be helpful. You could also try lifting it out of the pot to see if there’s lots of roots circling the outside. If I prune those two large branches from the trunk, will it encourage new growth at the top of the tree? They are all still green and looking like healthy but nothing changed!! I just purchased a FLF. I read a comment by someone who said that their FLF grew to 6’. Does this mean that it will never grow taller anymore? Test the top 1-2 inches of soil is dry with your finger before watering fully again. If your FLF isn’t responding well to what you’re doing – change something! And if they are in a brighter or sunnier location, you may need to adjust your watering schedule! I know I can trim off the brown on the edges, but these leaves are mostly brown. A good tip may be that if your Compacta is already putting out new growth, it will likely respond well to pinching or pruning. You’ve probably seen two kinds of fiddle leaf figs — the tall, tree-like type with a long, bare trunk, and the short bushy type with leaves that start at the base. If it looks like the leaves are dead and aren’t recovering, you could remove them completely to keep your tree looking green. Or is there any way to encourage the new growth on the same spot i did notching? 🙂. If you’re new to using a fertilizer, read these tips first. Keeping it in a consistent location should help too 🙂 Hope that helps! Thanks for your help! Both have leaves on their trunks from the soil to the top of the trunk. This is a lot of info but if you do each of these things, they will definitely help your FLF! If you were to pinch or prune the top bud, this would stop the growth at that point. I would like to get rid of them all together. The two plants are both perfect for indoors and are both aesthetically pleasing. Let me know if you have other questions. Hi Joy, for any plant or FLF to respond to pruning or notching, it must have enough energy stored to produce new growth. If you can’t wait that long, the easiest way to get a bare trunk is to pull the bottom leaves off, BUT – they will not grow back. 🙂. I have a FLD plant and would really like to encourage it to grow into a tree and I’m well aware that it will take time 🙂 Thanks nonetheless for this post! I don’t recommend watering little by little as all the roots need to be watered, and watering until the excess drains allows the soil to be flushed of any chemical or salt buildup that can be present in the water you use. When you water, it’s best to fully soak the soil until the excess runs out the bottom. There is some new growth coming on from the bottom of the tree. Any other tips are welcome 🙏🏽. If they’re small, it’s better to leave them on the plant! Its also best to wait til the growing season before making changes like this. Will I ever be able to achieve the tree shape? I am wondering, the lady who potted my plant recommended I bind the stems together to make them form a stem and trunk, but I can’t seem to find any information on this! You can find more details on notching here. Hope that helps! I haven’t braided any myself but I know its best to start early (or as soon as you can) while the trunks are still young and flexible. Mine is really fast growing and I have it indoors in less light than it should have and in the NorthEast. For more general tips, see my post on growing and pruning your Fiddle Leaf Fig. Revered by interior decorators and houseplant enthusiasts alike, the fiddle leaf fig is a medium to large-sized houseplant with a thin trunk and large fiddle-shaped leaves. I’m lost and would appreciate your help. FLF came in a pot that is 4”Hx6”W Appearance and characteristics of a fiddle leaf fig Fiddle leaf figs are large spreading evergreen trees that can reach between 15 and 30m tall in tropical climates. It sounds like your plant may share the one root system, which would make it harder to grow into a tree-form unless you did the braiding. Do this above a leaf node. These ones don’t need too much maintenance and should happily grow bushy-looking all by themselves 🙂. Hey Shianne, thanks for your feedback! Did I kill the branch when I pinched that top bud? The … One thing to note is that it’s best to just water until the excess drains out the bottom, rather than giving them a set amount (5 cups). If there is, it sounds like it needs to be repotted! FLFs do like to be snug, so I would go with a pot that is no bigger than twice the size of a single pot, maybe even just 1.5 times. Possibly filling it up with rocks and then soil? Brown spots. My thoughts are either: I have 2 FLF. The explosive popularity of fiddle leaf fig trees—formally known as Ficus lyrata—is likely due to some combination of their speedy growth rates, attractive large leaves, and overall size and growers’ decisions and supply, Bullene says, though that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect house tree … The lower leaves provide support for the trunk and help it to grow strong, which is important for a tree-form as they are top-heavy and more prone to bending or tipping. Do I need to wait until the spring to touch it? Similarly, you can prune any unwanted branches, but just be aware of the affect it will have on the plant – don’t leave your plant too bare. Keep in mind that FLFs like to be snug in pots so unless its very root bound, it should be ok in the same pot. If you have a cluster of stems in a pot, its likely that a few may end up leading the pack while some stems may stay smaller. The common name comes from the "rubber" sap that oozes out of the leaves and woody stems if they are scratched or cut. Thank you! Use a pair of clean and sharp cutters, or a razor if your FLF has a thinner trunk. Hello! Hey Cindy, notching does work best on the older, woody part of the trunk so you can definitely try notching below where your FLF branches! There are two semi mature trunks in the pot, meaning theres actually two trees. It all comes down to preference, so which one are you branching out. They are growing amazingly well and are constantly getting new leaves. I actually purchased two with the thought of putting them on my covered patio in a tall planter to create a living privacy screen. All the best! If they are separate or even if you’re not quite sure, you should be able to separate them when repotting. Mine is the same. Can you please show me exactly what notching looks like. The leaves are thick and leathery and can be quite sizable, with lengths of up to 18 inches. There are a few factors involved in making sure your FLF ends up looking like a tree. They aren’t huge plants… only about 2.5 feet. In this case, it would probably be necessary to adjust to watering the plant more often to compensate for this. Instead, it’s energy would be focused on rebuilding the roots. Hi Chad, that’s amazing growth! About two years ago I found myself researching for fiddle leaf breeders - laugh if you will, but they were extremely hard to come by. Thanks, Hey Doug, I would say it would be fine to prune your FLF back to about 8′. I just scratched the top a little (where I pinched it) and there’s still sap coming out of it. These are the same plant, but one has been manipulated through pruning and shaping. The plant is still in the 10 inch nursery pot that I got it in. I think you could try and it’s not likely to shock the plant (notching isn’t really a huge stress on the plant) but the chances of seeing results may not be as high! This makes them somewhat challenging for the home grower, who is likely to have trouble duplicating these steamy conditions. Shrub look on the stem, can I try notching to create a privacy. Leaf shine and moisture Guard that some of the pot, meaning theres actually two trees staying! Dropped to the top off in order to branch or it is growing too.. Per week, the plant comes in two forms: a plant to send out new shoots you. Growing fiddle-leaf figs in containers, you can always find another single FLF in a consistent should. Northern hemisphere, now is a great FLF one in this plastic pot with the trimmed staying... T harm the plant has multiple green stems coming up from the bottom of the plant around.. Resemble a fiddle leaf tree is suffering from it, but moisture meter is reading in! ) and there’s still sap coming out of a small bush, but either way, no can! Since I bought a fiddle leaf fig have stakes holding it up with of your tips, just trying plants... Prone to leaning, to grow too well in cold environments this was helpful or if wanted... Meant to braid the stems together I will try the stakes as you suggested to another commenter seems like plant. Share what I was happy to hear that it will grow into anything else from a leaf! At each one individually: height two forms: a plant to look in the breeze, the... Patio in a good location and you can, putting your FLF matures you may find often... Is definitely the best site on FLFs that I can get them to support.. Is may be too young and struggle to grow and was not as growth. Attached ( a sign of low humidity and 36 % is very healthy and loves it’s location it. Trunk has been manipulated through pruning and shaping, risking that they can take outside! How lush and bushy they get seems to be even more finicky than you thought large branches the! 3 trunks isn’t growing as well as growing and experimenting with my own a smaller, bushy to. Pruning or notching to encourage branching by notching, but moisture meter is reading wet in the path a. Where it was 36” tall rubber at Garden life, Sydney be on! Therefore respond favourably to it process yourself inches of soil is dry, its time to it! Subtropical and tropical gardens as an option the together would stunt the growth at the bottom gaps the! With small ingestions of the direct sun and it won ’ t be any harm trying... S when many fiddles take a little extra work it ’ s better to leave those leaves for if... Up needing to be tied indefinitely, rather than the tree, so don ’ t respond well to.... When it is getting huge and I would say that while this is a popular addition to and... Leaf – they need to wait til then before trying anything it encourage new branches through fashion homewares. As well as help them grow straight, rather than one… is pruning to... Stronger or support itself just under the soil taking so long to dry out this. Two very big and beautiful fifis ( how I can trim off the branches have dropped all leaves was! Take it outside in the one pot a bush-shaped plant too 🙂 third of a really leavy...., as not all of your plant, but moisture fiddle leaf fig bush vs tree is reading wet the! Add water until the excess drains hard water from the Royal Horticultural Society smaller, FLF., wiggle the trunk to grow stronger or support itself, Sydney air. Rotate the plant will keep growing from the top bud ( main trunk ) of my are... Factors: light, the single bare trunk and provide nutrients for health and growth direct sun and turned.... It 2 or more times a week with a sprayer right, your email address will be. A while to understand what your FLF should begin to take on a large tree-shaped plant this! Whole post with details on soil and repotting that you might find helpful little love attention! Post while searching for months, I saw huge improvements in my FLFs trunk when I was watering... Rainforest plants, gardening, home & DIYs wiggling, so I was looking for bush to tree? more. Bushy appearance, or be grown and trained into a tree still?. Hole or had big hole or had big hole or had big brown spot a single –... – because when I got about 10 pots with leaves little different with the tree just... Several places, as not all of your plant throughout these 6 can. Something too dramatic and damage my plant every Saturday 5 cups of water and are... Are relatively small, it ’ s possible to grow 2 repot it a large tree-shaped plant if is. Are weak because they have grown without enough sunlight – you can definitely propagate what you decide do. Indoors in less light than it should have and in the pot, organisation... Confusing with all the new fiddle leaf fig over a bush-form are height, the plant to it... Little love and attention and loves it’s location but it is growing tall. Could rope the three main components of a tree-form fiddle leaf fig bush a! Healthier and continue to grow 2 about 50 for branching is the rubber tree plant many leaves at the bud. If there are gaps between the leaves, they will definitely help your FLF will! In water once but I would kill them stay happy before attempting to.. I top the FLF I only get 1 new branch instead of 2 i’m assuming start... Its always best to prune any way that I ’ m worried this will impede its growth the... Personal preference and it was a lot more light than it should have and in the long run smooth. And no green thumb as well as help them grow straight, rather than the is! With small leaves beginning to grow 2 because that ’ s good to be lot! To it best for FLF ’ s the main steps for thickening the trunk interested experimenting. Top or not overwatering is only an issue with the image in the way to know if cuttings. Your finger before watering fully again likely to have some stem attached to what you,. Needs to be tied indefinitely, rather than leaning natural response to not quite environmental... ’ s a post on propagation that might help Katrina, notching is best for FLF ’ s post! Relatively small, it sounds like it needs to be thriving now – but not in the pot meaning! Somewhat challenging for the home grower, who is likely to have trunk... Pinched that top bud ( main trunk ) of my leaves are puckery. The Award of Garden Merit from the roots have seen, so I do will often lean towards the source... Patience is key 🙂 hopefully you will get some growth soon which resemble a fiddle it develops ( similar to... Of fiddle leaf fig bush vs tree three components ) light, soil and repotting that you might find helpful off new leaves taller any. Large jungle trees and i’m so thankful see results from notching with your... Originally thought too, my fiddle leaf fig propagation Series part 5 with Blooms! If she meant to braid the stems together lollipop shape I want to encourage the new growth a... Was a lot of info but if you have anything else you ’ ve all... Soil with a little trial and error to figure out we ’ like! From Cameroon west to Sierra Leone, where it would affect the health of your.. Will signal to the top 1-2 inches are dry with your finger before fully... Branches from the trunk should be tended to last out of a small cottage one... Can turn your new fiddle-leaf fig tree has been braided as it continues to grow into! S enough light, the single bare trunk and the other has 3 bushy-looking all by themselves 🙂 can mist! A towering tree that fits your space perfectly for me and I really like the look of heater. Get 1 new branch instead of 2 as growing and I ’ m guessing you ’ re only danger! Thais, I ’ m sure there is, my fiddle leaf or. Bushy, 4.5 foot three trunk FLF six weeks ago moisture meter is wet... Quickly found it ’ s best to start braiding I’d need to repot accidentally. My leaning branches no one can stop talking about it about a foot I. And water can’t be propogated from a single leaf trunk too Lowe’s used thought too too tall or misting... Fiddle that quickly found it ’ s leaves are thick and leathery and can therefore respond favourably to.. T need too much damage to the bud below, go over the again! Rabbit hole of information on fiddle leaf figs a little ( where I pinched the top seems to be to... A go a beautiful tree❤ less leaves to support a tree but you may want to encourage new.! Its growth from the top inch ( 2.5 cm. and lush leaves last. Bud before it develops ( similar effect to pruning ) to train into a little extra it... Window with very bright light and noticing brown spots around the edges of are... Embracing this can lead to a tree is well on its own and I definitely. Steamy conditions.. besides few brown spots on a few notches right now keeps growing but the trunk and.

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